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Competence Center
Energy Management

We reduce
to the Maximum.

+ Path to CO2-Reduction

Compliance with statutory CO2 requirements is at the heart of development targets in the automobile industry. Every gram of CO2 counts. Together with our customers, we find ways to resolve the conflicting goals of comfort, safety, sportiness and energy consumption.

+ Display of Maximum Efficiency

By increasing the efficiency of the drive units and optimizing the interaction of all energy consumers in the overall vehicle, a reduction in the electrical energy consumed, as well as in fuel consumption and emissions is achieved.

+ Application of Innovative Analysis Methods

Model-based development, one-dimensional CFD system and engine simulation, and 3D CFD simulations are among the expertise of our experienced developers.

+ Development of Digital Tools

One major contribution to vehicle development is the large volume of data from real vehicle measurements and customer journeys. For the analysis, we create databases, individual software solutions and Big Data evaluations.

Your contact person

Head of Competence Center
Energy Management

Dipl.-Ing. Steffen Genkinger